• Sept 16 - 18, 2020
  • Makuhari Messe, Japan

FAQ for Exhibiting [OSAKA]

■ Overall Preparation

Q. Let us know the schedule of our preparation for the show.

 A. Click here for the preparation schedule. You will also find the deadlines of application forms on Exhibitors Website.

Q. Is there a manual for exhibitors?

 A. Yes. All the necessary information for your preparation is included in EXHIBITOR MANUAL. Click here to download the manual.

■ Exhibitors Website

Q. We filled out all the necessary fields, but there are still error messages.

 A. Please check the error messages.

  - Are all the words entered in single-byte characters where specified?  Apostrophes and quotation marks often seems to be the cause.

  - When you upload the files, make sure that the file name is in ENGLISH and in below format. [VIP registration form: xls / Product Pictures: jpg, gif, png / Press Release: pdf / Logo: ai, eps ]

     Please contact us if you need the further assistance.

Q. What should we do if our contact person changes?

 A. Please update [Contact Information / Exhibitor Information] form to change the contact person. You can update this form anytime up until the show. Show management will send out notices based upon the registered information.

Q. We are going to exhibit together with our group company. What should we do?

 A. You can register your group companies, distributors, agents, manufacturers of your products or Japan branch in [Co-Exhibitor].

By registering them, they can get an opportunity to be listed on official promotional materials, such as e-Guidebook. It will surely give them a great chance to promote, so please make sure to register them.

Q. Can we order Invitation Tickets and VIP Invitations after the deadlines?

 A.Yes, you can order them additionally up until the show from [Invitation Ticket Request (Free)] form. The invitation tickets and VIP registration are free of charge. Please be sure to order enough extras.

■ Various Services

Q. When will the invitation tickets be delivered to us?

 A. The requested Invitation Tickets will be delivered to the exhibitors upon their request. Please register necessary information on the form.

Q. Can visitors enter the exhibition with an invitation ticket only?

 A. All visitors are required to submit 2 business cards with the Invitation ticket to enter the show. Please advise to your customers.

Q. Are there any envelopes provided to send VIP Invitations and Invitation Tickets?

 A. No. Please prepare your original envelopes to clearly show that YOU are the inviting party to the show, so that you can make stronger impression than other exhibitors. Indicating your company name, booth number and the show logo (you can download it in various sizes and versions from [Logo Download] page) will make your envelopes more catchy and attention grabbing.

Q. Will our products/services be introduced to the visitors prior to the show?

 A. Yes. "e-Guidebook", an online searching system of exhibitors/exhibits, is now launched and opened to visitors and press (Japanese Only). The information you register in [e-Guidebook Registration] will be listed there.

Moreover, you can update the information up until the show, so please keep adding more products as their information and images become available!

Q. We need an interpreter to join the meetings with the Japanese customers. Is there any service?

 A. Yes. You can order interpreter service with the application form.

Q. Are there any places where we can deposit my personal valuables?

 A. There are some lockers inside INTEX Osaka; however, Show Management does not provide any deposit services.  Show Management is not responsible for any lost, stolen and damages of personal belongings of the exhibitors and the visitors. Please make sure to keep an eye on your belongings, especially computers, expensive exhibits and equipment.

Q. We need to stay at a hotel near the venue. Are there any hotels?

 A. Yes. JTB, the official travel agent for the show, has reserved rooms at hotels (at special rates) near the venue. For hotel reservation, please contact JTB by applying online or application form. We recommend you to book it as early as possible, as the rooms fill up quickly.

■ Booth Construction

Q. Is there basic furnishing in our booth?

 A. No, the booth is provided to exhibitors as raw space ONLY. Please make sure to arrange at least back & side walls, carpet (covering whole booth space) and the company name board.

*If you have ordered Rental Display System, the basic furnishing is included.

*To make quotes individually, you can contact our official contractor.

Q. What are the regulations for boothconstruction?

 A. Refer to the Regulations for Booth Construction.

Q. How high can the booth walls be?

 A. The limit of the stand height including the decoration is 3.6m.  If your exhibits are higher than 3.6m, please contact Show Management immediately.

A partition wall between adjacent booths must be 2.7m-3.6m in its height. Click here for further details.

Q. Can we construct a ceiling in my booth?

 A.  In-advance application is required to build a ceiling. Please read Ceiling Construction.

Q. Can we replace items in Rental Display System?

 A. No, you cannot replace items in Rental Display System.

If you have any unnecessary furniture, please indicate in "5.Other Requests" in [Booth Construction] form, or visit Show Management Office during the move-in period. Please also note that the charge will not be reduced even if you cancel any of the furniture.

Q. How can we put up posters on the walls of Rental Display System?

 A. Please use low adhesive tape or velcro tape, which can be taken off after the show. You can also hang them with chains. For the size of each wall panels, please contact our official contractor.

Q. When will the Rental Display System be ready?

 A. It will be available by November 6 (Tue).

Q. Is electrical power supply available in our booth?

 A. The electrical power supply and outlet are included in Rental Display System, but if you are planning to build your booth with your own contractor, you will need to order them additionally. Please refer to Electrical Service.

■ Move in and Move out

Q. Let us know the schedule of move-in/out.

 A. Please refer to the Show Schedule.

Q. How shall we ship packages to our booth?

 A. There are 2 ways to ship your goods to the venue.

1. Shipment with a freight forwarder

This option is suitable for large cargoes, heavy exhibits, goods that need special persmission to import, etc.

See the shipping manual of our official forwarder, Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

2. Shipment by Air-courier

Please mark all the boxes as below, and make sure that you or someone is present at your booth when packages arrive. Show management will NOT receive any goods on your behalf.

Company Name:

Booth No.: (West Hall ○○)

Attn.: Mr./Ms.

Show Title: Educational IT Solutions Expo Osaka (EDIXK)

Address: 1-5-102, Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0034



Please note that Show Management cannot be your consignee.

As it takes time to import your goods and some products may not be released immediately, please allow enough time and contact the shipping forwarder in advance.

Q. How shall we ship back packages from the show venue?

 A.  Assign a forwarder in advance to pick up your packages after the show.

You may not leave them at your booth (the removal fee will be charged on your account in that case).

Q. Is there any vehicle pass necessary for move-in/out?

 A. Yes, "Vehicle Pass" is required for every vehicle that will enter/exit the exhibition halls during the move-in/out period. You can download the "Vehicle Pass" from APPLICATION FORM on the Exhibitors Website. Please check Show Schedule for the times when vehicles are permitted to enter the exhibition hall.

Q. Are there any stockroom or lockers to put our boxes and materials?

 A. There is no storage space for your cases, crates and boxes, and Show Management will not provide any.  Please keep your goods at the designated storage area inside of your booth. For more storage space, contact the official forwarding agent or your own contractor. Or you can contact Tokyo Big Sight for their locker service.

Q. Can we borrow carts and stepladders?

 A. Stepladders are not available at Show Management. Contact official rental furniture supplier if you wish to rent them.

For carts, you can borrow for FREE during move-out period.

Please visit the on-site Show Management Office for availability.

*The number of carts is limited.

*It's first come first served. We're sorry but we don't accept reservations.

Q. Do our staff and booth constructors need to wear a badge during move-in/out period?

 A. No badges are necessary during move-in/out period.

On the other hand, "Exhibitor Badge" is required during the 3 days of the show.Please download "Exhibitor Badge Exchange Voucher" from APPLICATION FORM on the Exhibitors Website and bring it to the on-site Exhibitor Registration Counter with 2 business cards per person.

Q. Is overtime work allowed?

 A. Exhibitors (including your own booth contractors) who wish to work overtime from 8:00PM to 10:00PM are required to submit an application form at the on-site Show Management Office (Overtime fee per company:JPY 5,400/30 min.). No overtime work is allowed during the exhibition.

■ Exhibition Halls during the show

Q. We need to deliver goods to our booth in the morning during the show. Where should we park our car?

 A. Basically no vehicles are allowed to enter the gate (including truck yard) during the show period. However, you can enter the gate for a temporary drop off, so please explain that with your booth number to the security guards. After dropping off the goods, the vehicle must be moved out immediately from the gate or parked in a parking lot. It cannot be parked in the truck yard for a long time.

Q. Can children/students enter the exhibition halls?

 A. Since this is a business show, those under 18 years old are not allowed to enter.

Q. Is booth-cleaning service available? Where can we throw out our garbage?

 A. Yes, you can apply for Daily Booth Cleaning at additional cost.

It is exhibitors' responsibility to remove all crates, boxes, plywood. Any materials left behind will be disposed of and charged to the exhibitor.

Note that disposal of large volume wastes costs additional fees. If you wish to apply for the removal service, contact the official booth cleaning service.

Q. Is the VIP Lounge available for the accompanies of the VIP guests?

 A. The VIP Lounge is open to both VIP guests and the accompanies.

Q. Can we use the internet at our booth?

 A. By Plugging: If you wish access to the Internet at your booth, you are requied to apply for the service to our official contractor, Kissei Comtec, in advance. Please refer to the application form. If you wish to use a Wi-Fi network at your booth, please apply for “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor Service". (charged)  >>> http://visitor.docomowifi.com/en/

Q. Are there any places to rest and to eat?

 A. Lounge: Free of charge. Please refer to the Floor Map for the locations.

The map is downloadable from official show website. Some snack stalls will also be available.  You can buy some snacks and drinks there.


VIP Lounge: Free of charge. Exclusive area for VIP visitors and their accompanies only. Please refer to the Floor Map for the locations.

The map will be available at the beginning of May.

Benches: There are benches available across the floor.

Restaurant: Please refer to the below for the locations.

>> http://www.intex-osaka.com/en/guest/facilities/restaurant/

■ Admission to the Exhibition Halls

Q. Do we need to wear a badge during the show? How can we get it?

 A. Yes, "Exhibitor Badge" is required for all exhibitors to enter the exhibition halls during the 3 days of the show.

Please print out "Exhibitor Badge Exchange Voucher" from APPLICATION FORM on the Exhibitors Website and bring it to the on-site Exhibitor Registration Counter with 2 business cards per person.

*For those who have the VIP Invitation, please bring it to the same registration counter to receive a VIP Badge.

Q. Our interpreter and assistants don't have business cards. What should they do?

 A. For those who do not have business cards, please prepare 2 business card size paper with company name and his/her name at the on-site Exhibitor Registration Counter.


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